Mayson was baptized on April 23rd. It was a speical day for all of us. She wore the gown her great grampa Strottman wore 92 years ago. The little bonnet she wore was made by my mom from a hankie that Stacy's mom carried down the isle in her wedding bouquet 50 years ago! The baptismal blanket and shoes she wore were given to her by Grampa and Grama Strottman. Angie made her a pearl necklace and bracelet with a tiny cross on each one. Let me tell you.. this baby was all decked out for her big day!!! Her sponsers were Aaron and Sara and Michelle.
While up there, I was holding Mayson and she smiled several times at me! It was so sweet.. almost like she was trying to tell me something! God has truly blessed us!

date Monday, May 01, 2006

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  1. Miranda
    12:22 PM

    Your blog is great! She is so beautiful. It sounds like she is one pampered little lady! I got your link from Trisomy 21 online. I have a blog set up for Shaylee if you want to check it out!

    :) MIranda