On Monday, Baby blue eyes had her 4 month appointment. At 2 months she was 9lbs and 21 inches long. At this appointment she was 12 lbs 5 oz and 23 3/4 inches long! She is doing great when it comes to growing! They are charting her on a typical child growth chart instead of the Down Syndrome growth chart and she still makes the 25th percentile!!!! She has now started cereal once a day at night and sometimes she screams at us if we dont get the spoon back to her mouth fast enough. Little stinker!! She loves her food!
She got her nasty shots at her 4 month appointment as well. The first shot she didnt even act like she knew the nurse gave it to her, but the second and thirds ones...well, that was a different story. She screamed and screamed and screamed. Of course, it made me feel horrible and it brought tears to my eyes but I have to keep reminding myself how many diseases I am preventing from her getting in life with these shots. She did get a fever for 2 days afterwards and was sleepy and kind of cranky but today she is back to being happy little Mayson!

date Wednesday, June 21, 2006

3 comments to “4 month appointment”

  1. T
    10:52 PM

    oh wow... she is beautiful.

  1. Michelle
    5:16 PM

    What a sweet picture! WTG grow!

  1. Anonymous
    8:19 PM

    This picture is adorable!