Ok, I have had these shirts for a month now and wanting to take their picture together but do you think I could ever find the time? Well, we finally took a few. Mayson had other things on her mind, so getting her to look at the camera was impossible!! We headed outside as well but it started to sprinkle and it got windy so maybe I will get those taken one of these days!!
Mayson has also been trying to keep her head up while on her belly. Part of her not doing it is my fault as I just don't give her enough tummy time. She is getting it though. I tried to capture it but I think she was getting worn out!! Enjoy!

date Thursday, June 15, 2006

3 comments to “photo shoot”

  1. Michelle
    11:08 PM

    I commented on the T21 board, but just wanted to say again these are great pictures! :)

  1. Anonymous
    1:50 AM

    Marvelous photos of the kids....I love them!

  1. Jessica
    5:17 PM

    Your children are beautiful!! What great pictures!!