We broke down and finally bought a pop up camper...We picked it up friday afternoon from the dealership and off we went to the campground. It wasnt even 15 minutes after pulling in that Jayden asked to go fishing! I tell you, this kid, eats, sleeps, dreams, poops, FISHING! AAAAAWWWWWWKKKKK!!! Of course, we let him go. He keeps telling us when he grows up he wants to work in a fish hatchery which would be perfect for him! WE keep telling him, when he grows up, he needs to have his own fishing show on the Outdoor channel so he can support good ol mama and daddy when we retire! Its the love of his life and nothing else makes him more happy!

date Sunday, June 11, 2006

3 comments to “This photo says it all......”

  1. Debra
    10:21 PM

    So neat....hope you enjoyed your weekend and had fun in your new camper.

    Hugs from Hope and Debra

  1. Chad
    11:41 AM

    Fishing Show would be awesome dude!!!!...can I run the camera?

  1. Michelle
    4:02 PM

    What a great picture that is! Hope you all had fun camping!