16 weeks has come and gone. Its hard to believe my baby blue eyes is that old already! When she was born, I wondered what her potential would be? I knew she was a strong willed one and she has proven so. So far, she is still doing what any typical 16 week old baby would do! She talks and coos, smiles and giggles, rolls to her side, grabs and bats at toys, loves to suck on her hands, has one heck of a grip, eats 4 oz every 2-3 hours, and loves her baby einstein movie. In this picture she is talking back at her movie. It is so funny!!
One thing she really enjoys now is her swing. While swinging, she looks up at the baniters of our second story and giggles.... I dont know what she thinks is so amusing up there but I LOVE watching her be sooo happy! Another thing she has learned to do is grab mine or Rylees hair whenever she gets a chance and let me tell you, that is no fun!! Her grip is so strong its almost impossible to get her to let go! She is still working on her neck muscles and holds it a little bit longer each day. She gets frustrated when she can't keep it up there very long but she has the will and it will come!! I love her so!

date Friday, June 09, 2006

3 comments to “16 weeks”

  1. Michelle
    9:18 AM

    What a great update! I feel like I'm there watching her do all these things you described!

  1. trisomymommy
    2:14 PM

    Thanks for the update! Isn't it hard to believe 4 months have passed? Isn't it great how their personalities start to shine through? Those baby heads sure are heavy. Our kiddos are making great progress.

  1. Debra
    2:23 PM

    That girl is just to cute. Leah is still talking about her new friend.

    Deb and Hope

    P.S. I love my bracelet...thanks