I took the kids to the park yesterday. I met my friends and their kids. We had lunch, the boys played baseball, and the rest of us girls sat around the splash pad they have there. Its the neatest thing....Water sprinkling everywhere. The kids love it (and its free!)
I decided to let Mayson have a try at it. While I was sticking her little piggies in the water, a photographer asked to take our pictures. Mayson kicked her feet and really seemed to enjoy the water spraying on her!! She kept her eyes closed while the water sprayed on her and she tried to touch the water by sticking out her tongue! The photographer must of thought we were cute enough to make the paper!! This was on the front page of the IOWA TODAY section in the Cedar Rapids Gazette!

date Tuesday, June 06, 2006

2 comments to “The Newspaper”

  1. trisomymommy
    7:07 PM

    So cool! Mayson's a star, and so are you! You look so happy.

  1. Anonymous
    4:26 PM

    I would take Mayson's photo too, she's adorable! Congrats on making the paper!