Ok, we were given this movie for Mayson to watch as a gift---Baby Einstein. It talks in 7 different languages and has lots of colors, shapes, toys, etc go acrossed the screen. I was kinda leary about it as how can a baby get anything out of watching something like this??? I mean come on.......
Well, we put Mayson in her bouncy seat in front of the tube to watch it. HOLY SMOKES! What a reaction from her. I couldnt believe it! She talked to it, was bouncing in her seat, feet were kickin, hands were going, and she wouldnt take her eyes off it. I know there is a lot controversy about kids and TV but I dont care. The reaction she had was amazing. It's something I have never seen from her before! I gotta go buy more of them now!!

date Monday, May 29, 2006

2 comments to “Baby Einstein Movie”

  1. Michelle
    9:48 AM

    that's so cute about her reaction!

    BTW - I just wanted to make sure you got my email back to you about Discovery Toys? I've been having some trouble with that email account and wanted to make sure the email got to you.

  1. Anonymous
    11:32 PM

    How wonderful!