I was feeding little Miss M&M today and her legs now extend to her ears while she eats. She is fascinated by the whole foot thing and she is so limber!! While I was shoving cereal in her mouth, she was shoving her foot in her mouth at the same time! I tried and tried to pull it away but it would go right back up to her mouth!! I gave up--I guess her toes tasted better than her cereal!

date Friday, July 28, 2006

10 comments to “Yummy Toes”

  1. Michelle
    10:06 AM

    what an adroable picture!!

  1. mum2brady
    11:53 PM

    awww - she is too cute! I'd love to be half as flexible as our cutie pies are :) Goooo Miss M!!!

  1. Miranda
    9:37 AM

    Cute picture! Shaylee loves to play with her feet at supper time too!

  1. Anonymous
    4:33 PM

    That kid IS crosseyed...time to deal with it mama.

  1. amy flege
    4:38 PM

    mmm. i dont know who you are writing this about Mayson but her eyes have been looked at and they are fine....i dont care for you input so stay off my blog!

  1. gigishiba
    4:47 PM

    What the heck? That is just rude. Keep your opinions to yourself about my niece.

    Her eyes are NOT crossed and even if they were, WHO CARES???? As far as I'm concerned, this child is perfect.

  1. Court
    9:02 AM

    Amy- AWWW Mason is BEAUTIFUL and I am so glad I found your blog!!! Could I link to it please from mine?!?!?!Thanks!!!GO CUBBIES!!!!-Courtney

    OH adn youknow you can erase STUPID comments like that anon one rihgt??? LEt me know if you need help doing that! I pity people with such BORNING lives that they feel the need to post stupid crap!!!

  1. Debra
    9:11 PM

    I told you I had to post but to anonymus...if you are not brave enough to post your name...keep you comments to yourself.

    Hugs Amy...you know Mayson is beautiful. Thanks for posting the beautiful picture.


  1. Ulli
    2:14 PM

    Mason is such a cute girl. And now doubt, these toes must be a lot better than food.

  1. Tammy and Parker
    9:43 PM

    You little Mayson is an absolute beauty! I love the picture!

    Would you be okay with us trading links? Let me know!