Miss B tagged Mayson so here we go!!!

3 Things That Scare Me
-Really loud noises, like my big brother screaming....
-Cant think on anything else. I am a pretty layed back baby!!

3 People That Make Me Laugh
-Siblings. I love to giggle!!!

-3 Things I Love
-My family
-Rice cereal
-My baby einstein movie
oh and my i add that i love to pull mama and big sis's hair!!!

3 Things I Dislike
-Being on my tummy
-CRAP in my pants~

3 Things I Don't Understand
-The way my big brother or sister talk to me?? Whats up with that?
-Why sometimes I roll all over the place and other times I get stuck on my tummy.
-Why my mama keeps trying to shove pears down my throat.. I hate them so give it up mama!!!

3 Things On My Floor
-Baby gym
-My new water mat
-Several misc toys

3 Things I'm Doing Right Now
-Swinging in my swing
-Talking talking talking
-Giggleing at something!

3 Things I Can Do
-Grab my feet and suck on them
-Roll over

3 Things I Can't Do
-Sit..iam still pretty wobbley
-Hold my bottle.. iam working on it though
-sleep through the night...

3 Ways to Describe My Personality
-layed back
-so loveable and cuddley

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To
- "abooh"
-Me talking at the top of my lungs.. I love doing that
-My lullaby cd in my room

3 Things I Think You Should Never Listen To
-My brother and sister fighting with each other
-ESPN sports center BORING
-My daddy's farts..they are loud and you dont want to smell them either

3 Absolute Favorite Foods
-Sweet Potatoes
-Rice Cereal

3 Things I'd Like to Learn
-How to get move so I can get where I want to go
-How to sit up
-How to fix Miss B's mommys damn wireless network!

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly
-Nestle Good Start Supreme
-Neslte Good Start Supreme....

3 Shows I Watch On Occasion
-Baby Einstein movie
-Sponge bob
-Jimmy Neutron..my sis and bro hog the remote....

3 people I Tag
dull as dishwater
mom of 12 and loving it
all 4 my gals

date Thursday, July 27, 2006

5 comments to “M&M has been TAGGED!!”

  1. Michelle
    2:26 PM

    Great answers Mayson LOL

  1. trisomymommy
    8:28 PM

    Yes, I do wish she would fix the damn network. Get on it Mayson! Hmmm... I don't have a water mat. Should I have a water mat?

  1. gigishiba
    10:51 PM

    What about when aunt gigi gives her raspberries on her neck????? You KNOW she loves that...little sweetie...

  1. Anonymous
    11:23 PM

    Watermats are amazing tmommy Miss B definately needs one.

    Great list Mayson!

  1. mum2brady
    12:05 AM

    Awww - so fun! Mayson - you are too cute!!! Love the new pics in your bumbo at T21 :)