I remember as a kids going to Adventureland every year. Hubbies company took all the employees and their families this year so we packed up the family and went. I hadnt been there since Jayden was a year old. It really hasnt changed that much!!! Alot of the same rides, same food, same shows. A blast from the past really!! The weather was perfect and the kids had a great time. Rylee is our "ride anything" girl. Her and Dad rode alot together while Jayden and I sat back. I did get a few rides in and Jayden did too. Once he got used to them, then he was all for it! I sat back and watched baby most of the time. She loved watching the lights and the movement! She was such a good baby the whole day. The kids and I did ride the "raging river" after standing in line for an hour. I swore I was NOT going to get wet on this ride but I was the one the ended up getting soaked.... nothing like walking around the park the rest of the night with a wet butt!!

date Sunday, August 20, 2006

5 comments to “Adventureland”

  1. Debra
    9:31 AM

    Glad you had a great time. I just love the picture of Mayson "enjoying" her time and the last one of you and the kids.

    Hugs from Debra and Hope

  1. mum2brady
    9:32 AM

    Whoooo hooo - so glad you guys had a great time :) I'm with you on the rides - but watch out - your baby will probably LOVE them, and then you'll have to go on them someday LOL Mayson is just tooo darling - I love the sleeping pic!

  1. Anonymous
    10:19 AM

    These are great photos, of course I am in love with the top one...she looks so sweet and cuddly.

  1. Brandee
    6:27 PM

    Love that photo of sleeping Mayson!!

  1. Jessica
    4:42 PM

    I love going to amuzement parks too, but I gotta agree with you on the wet butt part!