Oh I just had to post this picture of our girls. Rylee is such a super big sister. She loves Mayson so much and Mayson loves her. This picture says it all.........

date Sunday, August 20, 2006

9 comments to “Sweet sisters”

  1. Debra
    9:28 AM

    So sweet. You can tell she just loves and adores her big sister and such a sweet hold on that Mayson. I just love those kinds of pictures.

    Debra and Hope

  1. mum2brady
    9:31 AM

    Ohhh - that is soooo precious! Sisters are the best!!

  1. Anonymous
    10:18 AM

    Oh this photo is just perfect!!!

  1. Brandee
    6:28 PM

    So precious!!

  1. Amy Fields
    12:32 AM

    I got your blog site off of my friend's Lori's blog... Such a small world thanks to technology! I too have a beautiful daughter with Down Syndrome. Isabelle is nine and such an amazing blessing- You can check out her 9th Birthday on our blog.. www.fieldsfour.blogspot.com
    Mayson is beautiful congratulations.
    Amy Fields

  1. Tammy and Parker
    10:21 PM

    What a beautiful picture! I can feel their love for each other all the way out here!

  1. Kari
    5:22 PM

    What a beautiful sibiling moment! Mason is such a sweety! I miss dressing my daughter in all the pink frillies.

  1. Bennetts
    6:25 PM

    you have to love the way sisters love each other, I love coming to your blog

  1. Jessica
    4:43 PM

    There's nothing more beautiful than the bond siblings share!