On the eve before Mayson's 1/2 birthday, I sit and watch her peacfully swing and think about her birth. Her birth was the easiest of all my kids and never did I dream I would have a baby 3 weeks early-my other two were born right one time! I woke up at 1:07 am with contractions, got to hospital at 1:45 and had her at 2:01 am. Now, is that speed or what? And of course, she came out with her little surprise of an extra little chromosome. I had no idea this was coming, but it didnt even faze me. She was our baby and perfect in my eyes. My husband and I didnt go through a "mourning" period like many do. We loved her for who she was and felt SO BLESSED. I think the toughest thing I went through dealing with her diagnosis is that I didnt get to take her home with me when I was released from the hospital. What a horrible feeling that was! Even though it was for only one night it felt like forever....
Now, I look at her and cant believe that 6 months is past. Here is her little brag list:
-very tickleish and man does she giggle when you tickle her!
-grabs and picks up toys
-rolls both ways
-keeps her head up when on her belly
-says "baaa, abooo, mmmmaaaa, grrrlll, ahhhh" and many more I cant think of now
-responds back at you when you talk to her or make funny faces
-eats cereal with a spoon and a few choice veggies and fruit
-drinks water from a tippy cup
-can suck from a straw
-likes to explore my face and man can she pinch!! ouch
-master of pulling hair
-stands on legs when holding her
-sucks her toes ( thats quite the brag!)
I think thats enough for now.. you get the picture! Anyway, I am so proud of my sweet baby and wouldnt have her any other way. She is a true BLESSING!!

date Monday, August 14, 2006

11 comments to “Happy 6 months old my sweet baby!”

  1. Anonymous
    9:30 PM

    Wow, I just realized how close in age your baby and trisomy mommy's little one are.

    Happy six month birthday M!

  1. T
    8:50 AM

    happy 6 month!! :)

  1. trisomymommy
    10:43 AM

    Happy half-birthday Mayson! You are just rocking on the milestones. Way to go!

  1. Michelle
    12:40 PM

    Happy 6th month bday Mayson! You're growing so fast!

  1. Tammy and Parker
    1:21 PM

    What a beautiful post and an even more beautiful little one. Happy, Happy 6 month birthday Mayson!

  1. Debra
    1:39 PM

    Happy Half Birthday.

    Wow How time flies

    From Hope and Debra

  1. gigishiba
    9:11 PM

    Happy 6mths old my little sweet pea!!!!

  1. Miranda
    9:12 PM

    Happy 6 month Birthday Mayson. She is such a doll. Looking at her pictures makes me miss those "baby" days of cuddling and cooing. Now, i'm lucky to get a hug and kiss from Shaylee, she's way to busy to be bothered with cuddles lol!!! Enjoy it while you can :)

  1. Brandee
    10:54 PM

    I lurked and very rarely posted on the March expecting board. I fell in love with Mayson when you first posted your birth story. Lately I have only really gone there looking for updates from you about your precious daughter. I was very happy to stumble upon the link to your blog. I hope you don't mind sharing her with me. I think she's beautiful and wonderful. I also think she is incredibly blessed to have such a loving and caring mom and sweet family. Sounds like she's doing terrific!! Congrats to you and Happy Half Birthday to Mayson. I can't believe our little March babies are already that big!

  1. mum2brady
    10:13 AM

    Happy six months b-day Mayson!!! What a cutie you are - and toes are the best! WTG on all your accomplishments!!!

  1. mel mel
    11:30 PM

    I followed you over here from The Moon Beam group. Mayson is doing extremely well! My March baby isn't doing some of those things. I think she is gorgeous! I absolutely love her head full of hair and the way you put it up! You both are so blessed! I may have to keep visiting, I love reading about other March babies.