M&M's hair is quite the site in the morning! Every morning is a bad hair day morning for her!! Not only does it stick up but she has rats nests in the back that are impossible to get out! I finally broke down and bought her her own bottle of detangler!!! Any suggestions? UGH!!!

date Friday, August 25, 2006

7 comments to “HELP!!! BAD HAIR DAY!!!”

  1. Michelle
    4:25 PM

    No suggestions- but she is too cute - bad hair day or not LOL

    Kayla gets that "rat's nest" look in the back too...after waking up and after being in her carseat. I just use the spray detangler that is for wet or dry hair.

  1. gigishiba
    6:53 PM

    Give me a chance at that hair!!!!

  1. mum2brady
    8:39 PM

    Awwww - I think it is just so cute! None of my kids had that much hair, so no suggestions, just jealousy ;)

  1. Debra
    2:08 PM

    Hey love the picture and you have been tagged. LOL I have never done this but I know you have so have fun. I guess you go back to my blog and do that book one.

    Hugs Debra and Hope

  1. Miranda
    6:02 PM

    Wow....she has long hair! Maybe you could try loosely pulling it up on the top of her head when she goes to bed. That might help with tangles.

    By the way....she is too cute!

  1. Jessica
    6:48 PM

    I love her hair!! I had natural curly hair when I was little and always had a rats nest. Detangler is your best bet.

    7:01 AM

    Ok, this is THE cutest thing I have ever seen!!! She is adorable!