The boys took of this weekend for Kirksville, MO, for a little fishing trip. So, Rylee, Mayson and I took off for a good day of shopping. Rylee needs shoes--a black pair and a brown pair. Ok, after 50,000 different stores we finally found some that met her standards. Now, am I missing something here??? She is only 8 for cripe sakes.......I truly do not know what I will do when the girl becomes a teenager-UGH!
Anyway, we did have fun but then my dad called and ruined it all to let me know that after a nice lunch with my mom and aunts, my grama collapsed and was taken to the hospital. We still dont know what is all going on and what caused it. The were going to do a CAT scan as they are suspecting some internal bleeding somewhere. If you could all say a prayer for my grama, I would appreciate it so much!!! She is the sweetest lady, mother of 8 and grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother to many of us!!! Get better Grama J!

date Saturday, September 30, 2006

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  1. T
    9:53 PM


    Nobody tells me ANYTHING!!!

  1. Anonymous
    6:31 PM

    Even 8 year old girls are picky about their shoes. Good luck when she is a teenager!

    I will definetly say a prayer tonight for your Grama, keep us updated!

  1. mum2brady
    5:52 PM

    Thinking of your Grama and keeping her in our prayers Amy.... Hope she is doing better.....