Well, Grama is now out of ICU and doing somewhat better. They found she has colitis which is where the bleeding was. They had to give her some blood as well and she developed a fever which came and went. All her other tests came back good so THANK YOU all for the prayers!!!!
She is on some oxygen today and she has fever again. They think she may be fighting some pnemonia now...if its not one thing its another! She did eat well and my mom said she sounded good on the phone!
Here is a picture of my Grama with Mayson......I believe Mayson is her 37th great grandchild!!

date Thursday, October 05, 2006

6 comments to “update on gram”

  1. Anonymous
    7:34 PM

    I'm glad to hear your Grama is doing better, I'll keep praying for her and your family!

  1. The Imperfect Christian
    9:27 PM

    I'm glad she's feeling better!!

  1. Michelle
    9:34 AM

    Glad to hear she's doing better! Sorry it sounds like pneumonia now!

  1. Debra
    6:27 PM

    I am glad to hear things are on the way up.

    Hugs Debra and Hope

  1. michelle
    8:46 AM

    Im glad for you. That picture is priceless.

  1. mum2brady
    3:01 PM

    What a wonderful pic! I'm so glad to hear that your Grama is doing better. We will continue to keep her in our prayers!