It seems like its me who is always the photo taker and never in the photo. I got looking through M&Ms photos and there are hardly any with her mama! So, I tried to take a few self - portaits of us. As you can see she didnt co-operate too well.. oh well it was still fun!!!

date Saturday, September 16, 2006

5 comments to “Self-portrait?????”

  1. rnp
    7:05 AM

    Wonderful photos!!! I think they are perfect.

  1. jotcr2
    7:31 AM

    I agree. It is important to have mama and baba photos. I hassle hubby for them every now and again. Great pics, she's too cute.

  1. Michelle
    9:50 AM

    Same thing here - I'm always the one behind the camera! Then I look through the photos and see there are hardly any of Kayla and I together (even though I don't like my pic taken!) great job on the pics of you two together :)

  1. Felicia
    10:38 AM

    Great photos! I also have very few photos of me with the Bubba Bear. You have inspired me to get to some self-portrait photos.


  1. Sara
    11:16 PM

    Oh my gosh , she is adorable!!! I too take all the photos, mainly cuz I hate getting mine taken :P