For Rylee's birthday someone gave her a gift card at Build a bear workshop
We headed to the mall to use up the card. But instead of Rylee using it for herself, she decided to buy a bear for her baby sister. Isnt that sweet? Mayson was amazed at the whole process. Here are a few pictures of Mayson first Build a bear experience!

Picking out my new bear... he is kinda flat, isnt he???

Filling him up with fluff! I loved watching the fluff go round and round in the fluff machine!!

Rylee gave my new bear a bath

We even found a pair of glasses for my new bear!

Here is me and my bear!!!!!

date Sunday, December 31, 2006

12 comments to “build a bear”

  1. Abby
    4:04 PM

    Mayson is so adorable Amy. I think I tell you this everyday but I could just eat that little girl up. And what a great sister she has. Rylee does so well with her!!:)
    Hope you and your family have a VERY Happy and Healthy New Year!
    Love ya!

  1. Tammy and Parker
    1:47 AM

    This little girl has stolen my heart! Thanks so much for sharing her with us!

  1. Shelley
    2:29 AM

    I am jealous - what a great gift for Rylee to share with Mayson and I just loe those teddy glasses.

  1. Anonymous
    1:18 PM

    I could just eat that baby up with a spoon. Cuteness overload!

  1. Michelle
    3:31 PM

    That is so sweet that Rylee made the bear for Mayson - what an awsome big sister! and cute bear to boot!

  1. jennifer
    4:13 PM

    That is the most adorable photo! Thanks for sharing!

  1. Christina
    12:56 AM

    That was great of Rylee. I love the last picture with MAyson and the bear - they look like they will be good friends.

  1. Jessica
    9:43 AM

    What a wonderful big sister! I love the glasses on the bear to match Maysons! Joey has a build a bear too!

  1. BStrong
    12:46 PM

    When ever we go to the mall we try and misdirect to avoid Build-A-Bear. I believe we have 7 Bears/Cats/Rabbits/Pigs sitting around our house.

  1. Miranda
    12:35 PM

    How sweet of Rylee! The bear is cute but not nearly as cute as Mayson :) I love the glasses!

  1. Anonymous
    8:56 PM

    What a great treat. I love Build A Bear. My Hannah went there (In Coralville) when she turned eleven. It was great fun.

  1. Sara
    1:18 PM

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, too cute!!!!! Love the glasses on the bear too :) She is adorable Amy!!