Do you think she is ready for piano lessons yet????

date Thursday, December 28, 2006

8 comments to “Our lil pianist”

  1. T
    9:50 PM

    Emily said Mayson looks so smart!!

  1. Tammy and Parker
    11:38 PM

    Ah! I love it! Too cute!

  1. Jessica
    9:46 AM

    Never too early!! She's too cute!

  1. trisomymommy
    10:01 AM

    Gorgeous! The glasses are adorable too. Let's all sing along with Mayson.

  1. Michelle
    3:05 PM

    That is the cutest picture!!

  1. Mike
    3:10 PM

    That's a great image. My 1-year old got a play piano for Christmas. He loves it--mostly so he could dance while playing.

    Have a great year ahead.


  1. jennifer
    7:46 PM

    Yes she is!

    My son Avery loves piano, too. I started a blog and I'd like to link to yours, it's called Pinwheels, for parents of children with Down syndrome.

    You can view it at:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family!

  1. Christina
    10:09 AM

    I love it, a little Ms. Mozart. Happy New Year to all of you!