Many of my online friends have already had their child in speech and our area AEA has never brought it up. I guess our state is not too proactive on the matter. So, I requested a speech therapist to come evaluate Mayson. This is something I want for her so badly. I would rather have her be able to communicate through talking.
The evaluation went great! Mayson is right were she should be in the 9-12 month range and had no muscle tone issues either! Thats my girl! She is now saying dada, mama, gaga, lala and anything else she can squeeze in there! She is starting to repeat dada when we prompt her too!
So far, the glasses are still staying on! She only pulls them off when she seems to be tired and wants to rub her little eyes. She is looking at her hands now in front of her face which she has never done before, scooted in a circle on her belly, grabbing with both hands instead of one, and her speech has really taken off. Its amazing what these glasses have done in just 4 days!!
Thanks for letting me brag! :)

date Friday, December 22, 2006

9 comments to “Speech”

  1. Anonymous
    9:24 AM

    That is so great!! We can't wait to get together soon!! Have a wonderful Christmas!!


  1. Christina
    9:56 AM

    That is great news. Brag all you want, I am considering starting a new Brag thing... I will let you know, so you can join in. Cool that the glasses are working well too.

  1. Jessica
    10:35 AM

    That's awesome! Joey's speech therapist is actually coming over today and we haven't seen her in a couple months so I'm curious to see what she has to say.

  1. Michelle
    4:07 PM

    what a great update!

  1. Anonymous
    10:54 PM

    That's wonderful Amy. I know AEA usually waits until preschool. You have a while until then.

    I miss AEA.

  1. Miranda
    6:30 AM

    That's great! Mayson sounds like quite the talker!

    Glad to hear she's keeping her glasses on too!

  1. Tammy and Parker
    7:43 PM

    Great brag! I'm loving it!

  1. Shelley
    5:53 AM

    Well done Mayson! I know that rationally those milestones are pretty arbitrary - but still it is so great if our kids stay on target!

  1. BStrong
    10:35 AM

    Forward Progess. We go through about 1.5 pairs of glasses every 2 months. Thank god there is a two year warrenty on them. We lose contact lenses every other month too.