Mayson got a new riding toy from our good friend Bridget today. As soon as we got her on it she was ready to go. She even tries to push it with her little feet by herself but they are not quite long enough!! Excuse the crazy mommy in the back ground and the basket full of unfolded clean laundry!

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date Thursday, March 29, 2007

13 comments to “On the go!!!!!”

  1. Imperfect Christian
    1:05 AM

    Go Maymay!!!

  1. Christina
    2:57 AM

    Looks like fun! Cute little girls :-)

  1. Jessica
    8:26 AM

    Weeeeeeeeeeee, that looks like fun!!!!

  1. ~Melissa~
    8:33 AM

    Go Mayson! She looks like she loves it!

  1. Miranda
    8:57 AM

    She dosn't like that thing does she? lol!! I tagged you girlie!! Go check it out.

  1. mom2rhett
    3:05 PM

    Oh my gosh how funny! What a sweetheart! Oh she makes me smile!

  1. Princess Morgan
    2:12 AM

    Great wheels Mayson! Oh,try eating avocados. They are full of protein, good fat & omega-3 fatty acids. I think they put weight on me. I love them. Ladybug hugs.

  1. Anonymous
    11:25 AM

    Too cute!!!

  1. Contact: Carey,
    11:58 PM

    That's so cute! I think we have a similar one. Does it open up as a walker too?

  1. Anonymous
    12:31 PM

    Adorable!!! Wowsa is she cute...

  1. FamilySnows
    9:36 PM

    Love how big and tall she sits!! What a big girl!!

  1. jennifer
    9:46 AM

    Avery had the very same one! How about that music? It's so fun to watch them wheel around!

  1. Bennetts
    8:24 PM

    They both looked like they were having a ball! What a cute video and that clean wash thing, you should see the Mount Washmore I have going on everyday! hehehe
    Hugs to the babe from us