Every night after Mayson gets her PJ's on she loves to roll around in our bed. It has become our little night time ritual. I play peek a boo and jump up from down on the floor. The girl giggles and giggles and giggles! This is such a happy time for her. She jabbers, smiles, drools, tries to suck her toes, and rolls all over. She is so sweet and precious and not to mention so darn cute. (I am not biased or anything!) Anyway, here are a few pictures of her tonite during that time!

date Wednesday, March 28, 2007

9 comments to “Bed time ritual”

  1. ~Melissa~
    8:49 AM

    d loves to do that also! Mayson looks like she is really enjoying it - she is such a doll!

  1. Anonymous
    9:25 AM

    What a cutie!! I love it!! Sally has those same jammies!!


  1. Jessica
    10:16 AM

    Joey plays in bed with us almost everynight too! I'll have to try the peekaboo from the side of our bed and see what he does!

    Great pictures!

  1. Anonymous
    12:50 PM

    Ok, she is too cute for words!Love the jammies, Love the look, Love the kid! Such a heartbreaker...

    And do you knwo what else I love? The little fork that my pointer turned into! I'm gonna have to get me some of that!

  1. mom2rhett
    1:19 PM

    Oh, Mayson you sweet little girl! We love to play those bedtime games too! Hugs!!!

  1. FamilySnows
    6:19 PM

    Oh my, what fun times. She is the cutest little honey!

  1. Anonymous
    11:26 AM

    Big smile.

  1. Michelle - Momma to 2 Muffins - Soon to be 3!
    6:32 PM

    Love her. And you mention that it is "such a happy time for her." I do not think that I have ever seen her in an unhappy mode. Such a sweet, sweet girl! Precious!

  1. Brandee
    11:03 PM

    What a joy that little girl is! And so lucky to have such a sweet and cheerful mommy!