Mayson had her first experience with bubbles!! The wind was blowing and they were flying by her so fast! She didnt know what to think!!!

date Tuesday, March 27, 2007

11 comments to “Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!!!!!”

  1. Jessica
    11:06 AM

    Bubbles are so much fun!!

  1. Christina
    2:12 PM

    Great pics, I have tagged you by the way :-)

  1. Michelle
    3:28 PM

    I was just going to say the same thing as Jessica LOL

  1. Kitty
    5:46 PM

    Amy I love those pictures!! Kitty

  1. Miranda
    6:57 PM

    Oh My, I love her bonnet!!! It seems like she's really into those bubbles. They are like big floating polka dots :)

  1. Anonymous
    6:22 AM

    Hello beautiful!!!

  1. Anonymous
    6:49 AM

    Amy, don't post this.

    I have some clothes I would like to send for Mayson, sizes 24m and 2t. I know she doesn't need them yet, but I thought maybe you would be able to put them to use in the future.

    Just let me know.

    Hugs, Rebecca

  1. Megan
    1:31 PM

    That's so cute Amy!!

  1. Nicole
    9:39 PM

    Great photos! She is unbelievably precious! I love her bonnet! I miss you Amy. :) HUGS

  1. Carrie
    10:21 PM

    I just love these pictures of Mayson Amy!!!

  1. Sara
    10:45 AM

    Wonderful pictures! She is so cute!!!