When these little buggers start to bloom around our maple trees we know its a sign of spring and that its on its way! It was 79 degrees out here in Iowa today! It was gorgeous!
What type of sign do you see when spring is on its way?????

date Sunday, March 25, 2007

3 comments to “sign of spring!”

  1. Jessica
    9:47 AM

    Yay for spring! I can't wait for it to get warm here in CT!

  1. mum2brady
    11:20 AM

    Ohhh - don't you just love those first signs of spring - I love the flowers peeking their heads out of the ground! Our trees are starting to bud their leaves - and of course their is snow in the forecast for Wednesday - ughhhhh! I hope you continue to have beautiful weather!!! 79 - soooo nice!!!

  1. Mike
    2:54 PM

    Sign of spring. It's when my wife leaves me money so I could put gas in our lawn mower.