I have been tagged by Greg over at Mind Flakes, I now have to give you my 5 favorite things about feminism....mmmmmmmmm

5. That woman can snore with grace..haha

4. I dont care for feet.. but ours sure look a heck of a lot better then mens and smell better too!!

3. Women can get about twice as much done at once as a man can.....its called multi-tasking....and men, well, they just dont have it!

2. Women can use make up to enhance our beauty but if a man did, well.... you know how that would look!!!

1. That we can give birth.. its an amazing thing!

ok now I tag,
1. Connie from Got Snow
2. CJ from Imperfect Christian
3. Debra from Mom of 12 and loving it!

date Monday, March 12, 2007

2 comments to “tagged again!”

  1. Mike
    2:48 PM

    I take offense with your #3. We men can multi-task. We watch TV, eat junk food and hope our wives won't ask us to throw out the garbage -- all at the same time.


    Have a great Tuesday (and Wednesday, too!)


  1. FamilySnows
    11:04 PM

    Hey Amy - I will try to get my answers up in a day or so. Hugs to you too!