The Wasserbahn is a little waterpark/hotel in a hold German community in Little Amana, Iowa. We met a couple of great friends there who also happen to have children blessed with an extra chromosome. Abby and Dustin have Ava 3 and Faith 2. Faith has DS. CJ and Chris have Brendan, Emmalee, and Jaina. Emmalee and Jaina both had DS.... These families have become such great friends to our whole family. We had a awesome time swimming, eating, drinking and just talking. Feels like we have become one big family!!! Here are some pictures to share!

date Sunday, March 11, 2007

10 comments to “Wasserbahn.....”

  1. Michelle
    10:31 PM

    that's so cool you guys were able to get together again!

  1. Christina
    4:32 AM

    The blog looks great!
    That is awesome you can get together so often! I wish I lived in Iowa...

    BTW am I supposed to nominate someone over at DownSyn now?

  1. Anonymous
    7:12 AM

    All the kids look like they had a blast! How fun and great for you all!! What a great time!!


  1. Jessica
    10:01 AM

    It looks like you guys had a great time! Mayson looks like she's having a blast in the water!

  1. ~Melissa~
    10:42 AM

    How fun - she looks so cute!!!

  1. mom2rhett
    3:45 PM are too cute for words!!! Looks like it was a blast!!

  1. Carrie
    5:39 PM

    Too Cute - looks like you guys had a blast and love your new blog look ;0)

  1. FamilySnows
    11:05 PM

    What great pictures. It looks and sounds like you guys had a great time. I am so sorry we missed it, but hope to meet up with you all real soon! Hugs.

  1. Court
    1:41 PM

    GREAT pictures! I wish I was there! Although my boy would have been out of place with those beautiful girls! Your Blog looks great too!

  1. Sara
    10:20 PM

    oh my gosh, she is just toooooo cute!!!