I am so proud of Jayden. He had his first baseball game and wow!!!! They won 27-16!!! He hit a homerun, scored everytime he batted, got several outs, and did an awesome job of catching!!! What a way to start out the season! Way to go buddy!!!

date Wednesday, May 02, 2007

5 comments to “Baseball Brag”

  1. Christina
    1:51 PM

    WTG Mr Flege

  1. Jessica
    3:09 PM

    That's great! Way to go Jayden!!!

  1. Michelle
    8:19 PM

    GO Jayden! Wonderful!

  1. BStrong
    8:28 AM

    Can you say College Scholarship?

  1. FamilySnows
    3:57 PM

    Wow, it's gonna be a fun season! Good for you Jayden!