I have to admit that I am not the best at teaching Mayson sign language. I guess my goal for her is to NOT have to use it. She has very good oral tone and so far does not show any oral issues. She says many consonant and vowel sounds so our speech therapist is very pleased. But she watches "Baby signing time" religiously and every time she hears the music she smiles and knows what movie it is. I sometimes catch her doing the signs along with the video! The other day she started signing "more". I had to prompt her to do it but she knows it!!! I have been trying and trying to get this on film but whenever she sees the camera she stops! I finally got one.. well kind of... Here is a little clip of her trying to sign and then clapping proudly at herself!!!

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date Saturday, May 05, 2007

11 comments to “"MORE"”

  1. Christina
    8:14 AM

    Oh how cute... I want the signing time DVDs too, but they use a different 'sign languag' as is used over here... and as my kid will probably be confused enough by the 3 labguages we are teaching him, I will stick to one sign language.

    Mayson is sooo adorable, she looks so big! Momma must be super proud!

  1. Michelle
    9:09 AM

    Yay Mayson! That is so exciting! I love her smile and laughter :)

  1. Jessica
    11:36 AM

    Oh Mayson, you are too cute! That smile is contagious!!

  1. jotcr2
    1:43 PM

    She is such a sweetie. Her little green bow is adorable. I bet all that time watching baby-sign has helped her learn more so early.

  1. Mom to Rhett
    8:20 PM

    Oh Amy she is just too cute for words! What a doll. Rhett's signs are not perfect either, but we know what he means, and that is all that matters. What a sweetie.

  1. FamilySnows
    9:41 PM

    So, so adorable! Fun to see Miss Mayson in action. She's such a doll.

    Cool about the baby legs too....how could they not choose such a cute model!!

  1. Megan
    10:52 AM

    So cute Amy!

    I don't have sound on my pc so I couldn't hear anything, but just seeing her was so cute!


  1. jennifergg
    2:41 PM

    Hooray! (Confession...my kids taught themselves from TV too!)

  1. ~Melissa~
    8:49 AM

    So cute! She looks so proud!!! I love her smile - so beautiful.

  1. Miranda
    9:16 AM

    Oh my, what a cutie!!! I'll have to show the clip to Shaylee when she gets home, she's get a kick out of it!!!

  1. Sara
    9:07 AM

    Way to go Mayson!!!!!!!!!!!!!