Six years ago we built our home. My hubby and I were the sub-contractors so alot of the work was done ourselves with the help of family and friends. We put our heart and soul in this house. I have done most of the plantings of trees and plants myself. I enjoy it. Yesterday, as I drove up the driveway I realized how the bushes, trees and plants are finally getting established and are not so tiny anymore. Spring makes everything look so pretty I thought I would snap a few pictures...
Oh, and of course, Belle and Kadie had to have their picture taken too!

date Monday, May 07, 2007

11 comments to “Our Home”

  1. T
    5:29 PM

    I'm so jealous of the grass and landscape plants! I am never moving again...seriously!

  1. Mom to Rhett
    8:11 PM

    Wanna come do my yard? The city just replaced sewer lines and when they laid the grass back down it all died! Add that with the tire marks from where they sunk their truck in the mud and we look like the Beverly Hillbilles!

    I love your house, it is just beautiful!!!

  1. Michelle
    10:31 PM

    You have such a beautiful home!! I love the big front porch!

  1. FamilySnows
    11:29 PM

    Beautiful! I love the porch, you guys did a great job!

  1. Christina
    3:02 AM

    Beautiful! I will trade you for our 3 room appartment :-)

  1. BStrong
    8:29 AM

    Beautiful. I love front porches. You want to build one for me? Happy mowing:)

  1. Miranda
    9:13 AM

    Oh I'm soo jealous....can I smack you now? lol!! We live in a really cramped 3 Br house that needs some serious updating. You would cry if you saw our bathroom (right out of the 70's)

  1. Shannon
    12:56 PM

    Your home is absolutely a dream home! Love it!

  1. Michelle
    3:49 PM

    Isn't is wonderful to watch your "work" grow. My husband did all of our landscaping too (and I am so proud of it). We have also planted trees for the kids on or around their b-days. Looking to plant another one soon. :) Your home is gorgeous!

  1. Sara
    9:06 AM

    oh wow I love your house!!!!!!!

  1. Tammy and Parker
    9:25 PM

    Hey! Reed and I were the 'generals' on our house too! Reed did a ton of the work, including wood floors, painting, trim, electricity, tile, landscaping, etc.

    I wouldn't do it again, but I love my home!