Mayson has had runny eyes for two days now. They aren't red and she doesnt itch them. They just run and get mattered. My poor baby.

date Tuesday, July 10, 2007

6 comments to “bad eye day”

  1. Tammy and Parker
    5:47 PM

    But they are still so beautiful and blue!

    Hope they get better soon.

  1. Michelle
    10:21 PM

    I hate when Kayla's eyes get like that too!

  1. Christina
    12:10 AM

    But her eyes are still amazing!

  1. Jodie
    12:12 AM

    She is a beauty queen!! I found your blog via CJ's...I'd love to link you on mine if it's okay!

  1. trisomymommy
    8:18 AM

    That's been happening to my B for the past week too. I'm thinking maybe allergies?

  1. Kitty, Nathanael's Mom
    9:32 AM

    Oh we hope she's feeling better now...nasty old stuff. {hugs}