Its not fair........ My good friend has been fighting for her son. Her son she has had custody of all his 10 years of life. Well, she lost that fight in court the other day...Please pray for her and for her son that they will get through this. She is strong and her love for her son is so unbelievable that even though its KILLING her inside, she will make this a positive thing for him..... Here is a video dedicated to them......
love ya sister!!!

date Monday, August 06, 2007

3 comments to “A Mother's Fight For Custody”

  1. Kitty, Nathanael's Mom
    11:22 AM

    Oh I canNOT believe it! I can't fathom what the father had that could have him win. Her son looks so happy and well-adjusted, I hope he weathers this alright. What a sad sad day. CJ, you may not know me but as a fellow Christian and mother my prayers go out to you.

    Thank you Amy for that montage, it was very heart-warming. Kitty

  1. Shannon
    10:35 PM

    I have been praying for CJ. I thought it would be a slam dunk that she would keep custody of him. I couldn't even imagine how difficult this must be for her.

  1. Dori (Aviva's mommy)
    5:49 PM

    How very sad...I am so sorry that happened...they will be in my thoughts and prayers.