I finally managed to get Mayson's 2 year pictures taken! We went to a new place called Portrait Innovations and they were wonderful. They took over 90 pictures and printed them all right there, the same day! They were so good with Mayson too!
Each one of her outfits have some meaning to them. The one jumper has tulips all over it-the Down syndrome flower. The tutu was given to Mayson for her first birthday from her friend Shalyee. Her talented mommy made it!
And the Hawaiian dress was just given to Mayson by her Grama and Grampa Strottman from their trip to Hawaii!
I had a hard time choosing which ones to get!! Here are some that I got. I could of gotten them all If my checkbook would of allowed!!!

date Friday, April 04, 2008

24 comments to “Mayson's 2 year old pictures”

  1. Anonymous
    7:43 AM

    Love these Amy!! Sally and I had so much fun with you!!


  1. rylie's mom
    8:33 AM

    very cute! I love the tu tu!

  1. ~Melissa~
    8:34 AM

    Those are just so cute! I love that there is meaning in all of her outfits!

  1. Tricia
    9:33 AM

    These are GREAT! I laughed out loud at the peek-a-boo one! :)

  1. Kacey Bode
    12:56 PM

    Oh my goodness, those are the cutest pictures!!! I noticed she is wearing her braclet in all of them!! I'm lovin the ones with the tutu!!!!

  1. Megan
    1:55 PM

    Amy - we went today. Thanks so much for the recomendation!! Greg will be surprised when he gets home tonight!! I'll try to post some tomorrow!

  1. Mommy to those Special Ks
    9:30 PM

    Oh she is so so beautiful!!! I LOVE the Hawaiian dress, but the 1st and 3rd pics are my absolute FAVORITE!

  1. Brandee
    10:16 PM

    All of these pictures are so beautiful and wonderful and adorable and just perfect! I love all the personality they capture. The outfits are gorgeous and so sweet.

    I just want to hug her!

  1. Michelle
    6:09 PM

    oh MAYSON...2 already? LOVE #4!

  1. Nicole
    9:25 PM

    She is the cutest baby! :)

  1. jotcr2
    11:48 PM

    Beutiful photos. Mayson is so lovely.

  1. jessica
    8:25 PM


  1. Chris
    11:45 AM

    What awesome photos! The ones of her in the tutu especially darling.

  1. RK
    2:20 PM

    These are adorable shots. We did Braska's one-year pics at PI also, and it was hard not to take them all, but at least they gave the CD of all of them with the order. Mayson looks so fun and happy...yay for being 2!

    Oh, and Amy, you might want to check the winners list on my blog... :o)

  1. Elly's Extras
    9:24 AM

    Oh Amy, these are beautiful. She is such a dolly! I like her tulip dress too - very cute. Hugs!

  1. Mary
    2:29 PM

    How beautiful! Love the tu tu!

  1. Cynthia
    6:00 PM

    These are adorable pictures!!!!!
    Hard to miss with such a beautiful girl with a million dollar smile! The tutu is the cutest! I love how you got a tulip dress. You are so good at finding such meaningful things.

  1. Gabi's Mommy
    6:27 PM

    She is a poster child...absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I have to admit though I think the tutu is my favorite, but of course ALL are precious!

  1. Michelle
    4:30 PM

    absolutely precious! I wish I could get Kayla to cooperate for professional pictures like that!

  1. Kim Ayres
    7:49 AM

    I especially love the black and white one :)

  1. mom2noah
    1:03 PM

    Oh my, sweet Mayson is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  1. Princess Morgan
    12:36 AM

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! She is so precious----as you know :)))

  1. Jen
    8:23 AM

    These are gorgeous pictures!

  1. chad
    3:04 PM

    cutest thing in 5 surrounding counties,...