I got an email from Jessica from over at Raising Joey. She wants to help the people of Iowa with the horrible flooding. So many people have lost everything so she came up with this awesome idea!! (see below from her blog.)
Thank you Jessica and Michelle!!!!

Amy from The Flege Farm lives outside Cedar Rapids, Iowa and knows many people who were affected by the Iowa River flooding. The local ARC’s office, the local library, and a friend’s medical office, who also has a child with Down syndrome, has been destroyed.

The other day I was trying to think of a way to help out and again my online Usborne Book Store came to my mind. I am going to open up an eShow named as Iowa Flood Victims Book Drive. You can purchase Usborne Books for the flood victims and they will be shipped to Amy to be given out to people that have been affected by the floods. Just email me before you purchase the books and I will give you Amy’s address if you don’t already have it.

Along with the Usborne eShow, Michelle over at Big Blueberry Eyes will be doing the same type of drive with her Discovery Toys Online Store. The toys will also be shipped directly to Amy.

Also, after talking to Amy, many families are in need of clothes and other items. If you are interested in shipping any extra items you may have around your house, you can contact me at RaisingJoey{at}gmail.com.

If you have an online store and would like to add your business to this wonderful cause, please let me know and I will add you to this. Also, please spread the word about our book and toy drive. If you would like the coding for our button to post on your blog, please email me.

Buddies Helping Iowa Flood Victims

* Raising Joey’s Usborne Books eShow
* Big Blueberry Eyes Discovery Toys Store

I feel so lucky to have blogging friends that are willing to take that extra step to help others in need. There are children that have lost their favorite books and toys and I know this will help put a smile back on their faces!! Thanks again ladies for thinking of us here in Iowa!
****they are in need of diapers, pull ups, wipes and onsies according to the news!!!!
Here is the link to the IOWA DOT website with pictures of all the distruction...it truly is devistating
If this isnt enough to make you cry, then I dont know what is...

date Monday, June 16, 2008

3 comments to “Friends Helping Friends”

  1. www.prayingforparker.com
    9:50 AM

    Amy, I have some of Parker's things that he has outgrown, etc. If you think these things would be useful to those affected by this terrible flooding I would love to send them out to you.

    Would you mind shooting me your mailing addy?

    And I need to thank both you and Terry for an absolutely gorgeous bracelet. I was totally thrilled to receive it. Thank you. You are talented my deaer.

  1. Michelle
    11:47 AM

    You're most welcome Amy - it's the least we can do! I saw the video/pics you've posted and I just can't imagine going through that - everyone is in my prayers.

  1. JRS
    7:41 PM

    Hi Amy,
    I've got a box of toys started. We're coming back to IA in early July and I thought maybe we could meet up vs. ship them. What do you think?