Mayson had Physical Therapy today. She does treadmill training with Miss Sharon. Normally she is in a harness so she is not really bearing weight. Well today we tried it without the harness and she walked on the treadmill all by herself for 10 MINUTES!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! Did you all hear me screaming with excitement? Miss Sharon and I were floored! She is making such great progress.....I am so proud of my lil Miss Maymay!

We are packed up and ready to head to Des Moines tomorrow morning. Jayden is playing at USSSA State Baseball Tournament all weekend. Go PRAIRIE!!!! Hope you all have a great weekend!

date Thursday, June 19, 2008

16 comments to “10 MINUTES!!!!”

  1. Tamara
    11:28 PM

    10 minutes? That's huge! - I just started hearing about treadmill therapy when Shawen was little - but walking - and I thought it sounded like such a great idea. Glad Mayson's doing so well with it -

  1. Michelle
    12:07 AM

    Yay! That's wonderful!

  1. Christina
    3:55 AM


    Jumping over here too!!!


  1. Cynthia
    6:18 AM

    Yea Mayson! That is awesome!
    Good luck Jayden!

  1. Michelle
    9:08 AM

    WAY TO GO MISS MAYMAY! That makes me smile, honey. By the way, you're rockin in those pink Crocks! And, best of luck to your big brother this weekend.

    Hugs from me and Elliot (and the rest of our clan too)!

  1. ~Melissa~
    9:10 AM

    Yay MayMay!!!!! That is so awesome!!

  1. mum2brady
    10:50 AM

    Whoooo hooooo WTG Mayson!!! What a wonderful milestone - she'll be running circles around you in no time Amy, and then, after all the celebrating, you might miss her hanging out in one place, just a little :)

    So happy for your sweetie. Hope Jayden's team does well!!!

  1. Christina
    12:29 PM

    That is awesome! Good luck with the tournament!

  1. Mommy to those Special Ks
    12:53 PM

    WOOOOHOOOOOOO Go Mayson!!!!!!! You'll be running in no time!

  1. Tricia
    4:14 AM

    Yahoo! And she has the gams to show off her long! :)

  1. Mary
    4:46 PM

    Yeah Mayson! That is fabulous!

  1. RK
    7:45 PM

    Excellent!!! We start on the treadmill with Lite Gait next week...I'm sure she won't like it initially, but I'm glad we're getting it started!

  1. Isabella
    11:54 PM

    Way to go!!! That is such a cute picture by the way.

  1. McKenna
    11:24 PM

    WTG Mason! That's a long time!!!

  1. The Balsis Family
    11:12 PM

    That is awesome! Sounds like the treadmill really does work! She is looking like such a big girl!

  1. Nicole
    9:20 PM

    That is great! She is such a little beauty!!!!