We spent the whole weekend at a baseball tournament. Mayson was excited to be with little girls all weekend to play with. She decided to show off to them a little.....

date Sunday, June 22, 2008

12 comments to “closer and closer!”

  1. Michelle
    12:30 AM

    Adorable! And she's soooo close to walking! Wow!

  1. Christina
    6:14 AM


    WTG Girl! Cheering and counting all the way fr Austria!


  1. Cynthia
    7:40 AM

    Yea Mayson! That looked like lots of fun!
    Lots more fun on the way!

  1. Anonymous
    8:24 AM

    That is so great!!! Sally and I are so excited for her!! Sally says Go May May!!!


  1. Tricia
    9:38 AM

    ya MayMay!!!!!!!!

  1. Tamara
    10:09 AM

    Wow, Amy, I can see the difference from just our visit a few weeks ago. Go Mayson!

  1. mom2noah
    8:14 PM

    Awesome Maymay! It won't be long before you are running around and finding trouble:) Keep up the hard work!

  1. Becca
    5:51 AM

    Fantastic, Mayson! Mommy needs to get her running shoes on soon to keep up with you!

  1. Carey
    12:22 PM

    Just checking in and had to watch that video a couple more times! It's way too cute! Chelsea and Logan like watching it with me too!

  1. Mary
    6:17 PM

    Oh my word! Mayson is just too cute! I love the videos you share.

  1. The Balsis Family
    11:11 PM

    Ohhh, she is so ready!! Yay!

  1. Michelle
    8:55 PM

    That is so awesome! Way to go May May!! Can you come over and stand with Matthew? He needs some motivation:)