Limbaugh on the Floods

"I want to know. I look at Iowa , I look at Illinois -I
want to see the murders. I want to see the looting. I want to see all the
stuff that happened in New Orleans. I see devastation in
Iowa and Illinois that dwarfs what happened in New Orleans
I see people working together.
I see people trying to save their property...
I don't see a bunch of people running around waving guns at helicopters,
I don't see a bunch of people running shooting cops.
I don't see a bunch of people raping people on the street.
I don't see a bunch of people doing everything they can...whining and moaning-where's FEMA, where's BUSH.
I see the heartland of America . When
I look at Iowa and when I look at Illinois ,
I see the backbone of America ."

date Friday, June 27, 2008

5 comments to “Limbaugh on the Floods”

  1. Michelle
    6:45 AM

    Backbone indeed! Hugs, honey!

  1. Kitty, Nathanael's Mom
    6:58 AM


  1. Christina
    2:41 PM

    WOW! Never even compared the two. BTW, I love the new glasses(other post) She is just adorable!

  1. Michelle
    4:11 PM

    that was really awesome, and SO true. wow.

  1. McKenna
    11:44 PM

    I saved this in my reader to comment and am just getting caught up! LOL! AWESOME!