Little Miss Mayson has had glasses since she was 10 months old for her Estorpia. Glasses have been a nightmare! Maria Dellapina from SPECS 4 US, sent us these new frames to try out on Mayson. They are specially designed for children with Down Syndrome. I am amazed at them! they are so light weight and they fit her correctly... the way glasses should. If you look closely, the bridge of the glasses are lower than your typical pair. This keeps them up on her nose so she is looking through her lenses and not over them! I highly recommend these for anyone with DS!!!

Mayson's new word is "go". Here is a little clip of her saying it! sorry for her squinting. It was really bright outsie today! Oh and "dada" means "bye bye" Enjoy!

date Monday, June 30, 2008

16 comments to “New glasses!”

  1. Michelle
    5:37 PM

    The glasses look great - super cute!

  1. Shannon @ Gabi's World
    6:24 PM

    I really like those glasses. I went to their site a while back and they weren't fully running yet. I'll have to check them out again. Gabi is super hard to fit for. Our eyeglasses place has to make so many changes in the glasses for Gabi to get a good fit.

    The video is so adorable to. I love the way her little hand was waving bye bye.

  1. ~Melissa~
    8:52 AM

    She is so adorable!!! I just want to come over there and give her a big hug!!

  1. Angel Gabi's Mommy
    10:48 AM

    She is so precious! She always bring the biggest smile to my face and such warmth in my heart. Thank you for sharing her:)


  1. Carey
    12:13 PM

    awwww, how cute! Chelsea was watching with me and started saying dadada when Mayson was saying it! Friends from afar!

  1. Kim
    9:41 PM

    Those glasses are so cute! Thanks for the link. I put it in my favorites just in case Mattie will need glasses down the road.

  1. Becca
    10:02 PM

    Great glasses! She looks totally adorable!

  1. Heather
    1:16 AM

    You have an absolutely darling daughter! I derive so much joy AND hope by viewing blogs such as yours. I have never left a comment but felt compelled tonight.I wanted to tell you that my hope for Zoey's future burns even brighter as I glimpse into the little worlds of children such as Mayson's. Thank you for allowing me to glimpse.

  1. Mary
    1:31 PM

    She is just too cute!
    Leah needs glasses but won't be fitted for another year or two. I'll definitely have to check these out. What a fantastic option for our kiddos.

  1. The Balsis Family
    2:14 PM

    LOL I love the bye bye. That's like Payton ... although I think hers sounds like "I" while she waves. Cute!

  1. FBF Rothkopf
    2:41 PM

    Gorgeous glasses, and DANG I can't wait to get a hold of that little cutie next weekend!


  1. Elizabeth
    3:37 PM

    Hi! I just saw your blog on Kennedy's page and thought I'd stop in and check your little adorable girl out. Love the glasses!!

  1. Anonymous
    10:39 PM

    Loved it! Mayson and Polly are like sisters...we've got to get together soon!

  1. rylie's mom
    7:48 PM

    Oh my, she looks so cute in her new glasses.

    Rylie's glasses always fall off! I really need to look into these.

  1. Drea
    11:43 AM

    I love the one where she is sticking her tongue out. So cute! and I love her lil glasses.

  1. RK
    12:39 PM

    She's a cutie, that's for sure. I've heard of that doc but when I checked for Braska, they didn't make them small enough. Maybe in the future we'll go that route. She's done so well with hers so's amazing.