My big 8th Grader!

Ready for 5th Grade!

I had to work hard to get this picture taken......

Waiting for the Bus in front of our house!

Another summer has zoomed by us. This year seem to go by extremely fast! School started here on August 20th, so I am a little late getting these posted. Rylee was so eager to start school again. She is my bookwarm and loves school! Jayden, on the other hand, thought the first day of school was "dumb". Gee, are we a teenager now???
We have Mayson' pre-IEP meeting on the 16th.....She will be three in February so we are starting to get her preschool things in place. Hard to believe my baby girl will go to preschool in 5 months!! Her preschool will be awesome. It consists of 10 kids with the ratio of 3 teachers. 5 children in the class have IEPs and 5 dont. I think she will love it! Me, on the other hand, will not be ready to let my baby go!

date Thursday, August 28, 2008

6 comments to “First day of school!”

  1. Shannon @ Gabi's World
    5:10 PM

    What a great-looking group of kids you have. You and your hubby must have great genes.

  1. Kele
    12:46 AM

    I agree with Shannon, your children are gorgeous!
    Quiet a line that forms in your drive for the bus, they don't expect breakfast do they? LOL!

  1. Drea
    9:29 AM

    awe 1st day of school. sweet pics! i have some of those from my child hood.

  1. Christina
    8:52 AM

    Great pictures! Congrats on the start of another school year! Can't wait to hear how Mayson's IEP goes in Feb....Hey what date in Feb is her birthday?

  1. Stephanie
    8:49 AM

    LOve your back to school pics, I can remember them from last year as well.
    And OMGoodness, pre-schoool talk already? Mayson isn't aloud to grow up, ok? LOL

  1. McKenna
    11:52 PM

    Pretty soon Mayson will be joining her siblings! You have such a beautiful family!