Yup, I do. And it deals with Supplements. You see a board I belong too is very NON-supplement and I want to set my story straight.
First of all, I give Mayson a supplement called MSB+. It made just for people with Down Syndrome. They have done years of research and have found that people DS break things down differently than you or I. Some things absorb faster or slower, etc....
Now the controversy is that some think that we "buy into" supplements because we are trying to change our child with DS. Some supplements have claimed to have made the child "smarter" or changed their DS features.
Well, that is not why we choose a supplement. We choose it because it is made specifically for my childs body set up. She has taken it since she was 10 months old and is the healthiest of all three of my children. She has never had an ear infection, or had to take antibiotics, etc. She does great with therapies and is over all a wonderful child.
I am not saying that regular vitamins are bad. I just choose this one over them, is all. Its my choice and my child.
Ok, with that being said, I feel better now. Thanks for listening!

date Monday, August 25, 2008

11 comments to “I have an issue....”

  1. Kitty, Nathanael's Mom
    1:33 PM

    Amen! Now, if Nathanael would consume anything other than pediasure....


  1. Christina
    4:18 PM

    I think we all need to do what we feel is best for our kids. If ain't hurting her then by all means give it to her! One of my good friends swears by the stuff. :)

  1. Anonymous
    5:40 PM

    Oh, and one other thing. Look at all the supplements added to your standard baby formulas these days!! All that Iron, DHA and ARA...etc. And how many people feed their kids those supplements. :)

  1. Shannon @ Gabi's World
    8:28 PM

    Hi Amy! Nothing wrong with giving your daughter a supplement, especially for those reasons. You do what you think is best for her. We all know that you take very good care of Mayson! I never gave Gabi supplements and she never had ear infections, was rarely sick, etc... Does that mean that the vitamins aren't the reason for Mayson's good health? Nope. Keep doing what you feel is best and don't worry about what anyone else thinks. :D

  1. Kacey Bode
    11:34 PM

    Hey!! I agree, we don't want to "change" our babies, just do whats best for them!!! SO, with that said and with cold season coming up what vitamins do you use??? I have tried the baby vitamin drops, Ella spits them out which I know they smell awful so can only imagine they taste awful, and then she can't chew the Flintstone type yet.

  1. Becca
    5:54 AM

    Hahaha--this is always such a hot topic for people! Good for you for just coming out and saying it! :-) I don't give Sammi supplements,but as the others said, by all means, do what you feel best doing! It's not that I haven't thought about it--I just haven't put enough thought into it to actually do any real research into it. I find this so funny that it's so taboo in these circles. I think they may have just gotten a lot of bad press.

  1. datri
    7:32 PM

    I've always just treated MSB+ as a special DS multi-vitamin. I certainly don't expect it to have any miraculous effects!

  1. Melanie
    10:18 PM

    I give Logan Nutrivene-D vitamins (also made for kids with DS) but the taste is bad and you have to give quite a large amount everyday. How is the taste and dose size of MSB+??
    I have always taken supplements and I gave them to my older son before Logan was born...so it just seemed natural to give Logan vitamins and it is nice that there is something out there made for his body.

  1. Bethany
    12:23 PM

    What is their damage? I'd like to know! LOL You know I've been on this bandwagon from the get go, so tell em bring it! Whoa, that was boisterous! LOL

  1. Chris
    8:38 AM

    Amy, Mayson is your daugther. You need to do what is best for her and you. You shouldn't have to answer to anyone. Your child--your choice.

    I do give John Polyvisol infant drops (mix it with applesauce), but I have been curious about things like Nutrivene. Did you pediatrician have any opinion on the supplements made especially for kids with Ds?

    When, I asked the geneticist/pediatrician who spoke at our state's Ds convention about the supplements, he was pretty against them--felt they were costly, and didn't prove to be any better for our kids--in fact he was concerned that since Ds effects each child differently, there really is no size fits all when it comes to developing special vitamins for individuals with Ds.

    I am curious though because I know a lot of parents who swear by them, and as I have learned, sometimes parents are the best experts, despite our lack of an MD. My pediatrician really didn't have any expertise on the matter.

    John's been healthy though. He had two bouts of croup this winter, but aside from that, he too has never had an ear infection or needed to be on antibiotics. I only pray his good health continues.

  1. Michelle
    9:58 PM

    You go girl! I've never figured out why it's a hush hush topic in our community. We did our research and recently had a visit with a specialist and nutritionist. We have the supplements but just haven't started.....only because life has been a bit busy. I need to get in gear.