Rylee did the school-wide cheer clinic and cheered at the varsity football game Friday night. I didnt get a picture of her actually cheering due to a million-trillion parents all trying to get pictures of their darlings, as well.....ugh. Here are a few I took before the game though!! My girl is getting so big!

date Sunday, September 28, 2008

4 comments to “Cheering!”

  1. Santolin
    6:32 AM

    Lookin' good, Babe! ~ Gigi

  1. Kitty, Nathanael's Mom
    8:42 AM

    I'm busting with pride and I'm not even related!! :0) In the 2+ years I've "known" you Rylee has grown up so much. She's active and also very generous with her time, you must be so very proud. Good going!

  1. All 4 My Gals
    7:55 PM

    Amy she is so beautiful!

  1. McKenna
    9:36 AM

    How cute is she!