Mayson is on the "Parenting Magazine" website along with many of her other beautiful friends...check out it!

date Thursday, September 04, 2008

7 comments to “Parenting Magazine”

  1. Tina
    3:54 PM

    bummer. When I click on the link it says that the page is moved. :(

  1. Becca
    8:04 PM

    Oh, I am so glad you posted that! I had submitted a photo of Samantha and totally forgot about it, and it's there, too! I loved looking through the beautiful photos!

  1. Christina
    6:08 AM

    I love it! She is a rock star that little hot chick of yours!

  1. Christina
    10:25 AM

    She's adorable!

  1. L. Noelle
    4:59 PM

    WOW!!! That's amazing! Where have I been? So great, so great!

  1. mom2noah
    7:17 PM

    How cool...I can't wait to get my issue in the mail. I loved that picture of Mayson...

  1. Mary
    7:15 AM

    Wow! She's gorgeous!