Mayson is finally sporting a nice set of front teeth. They took forever to come in but. The first tooth was at the age of 21 months and it was a upper right molar. Crazy, uh? Now, the rest are finally falling into place. Here she is with her pearly whites!!

date Tuesday, September 09, 2008

14 comments to “Toofers”

  1. Tricia
    11:57 AM

    They look SO much like G's top two teef! And then all of a sudden G got the two next to those ones in about 2 days!

  1. jessica
    12:18 PM

    Just look at those toofers!!! Too cute!

  1. Mommy to those Special Ks
    1:33 PM

    Gosh she is getting SO big! :) Kennedy got her first tooth at 19 months and that was a molar too! LOL She FINALLY just got her last tooth in and it was one of her bottom ones... not right in front but right next to the front ones. It's so crazy how they come in!

  1. Erin
    1:40 PM

    Sooo cute! My sisters loved the bracelets! Thanks again!

  1. Melissa @ Banana Migraine
    3:00 PM

    I love her little teeth! So cute! Bean is starting to get hers too, but boy are they coming in slow!

  1. Cynthia
    3:30 PM

    I can't believe how cute she looks!
    I know when Ben got his teeth I sure missed those "gummy" smiles. The new look suits her well!

  1. Shannon @ Gabi's World
    5:39 PM

    Awww look at her! She is growing up! Love the new toofers!

  1. McKenna
    11:51 PM

    What cute teeth they are!

  1. Bethany
    10:47 AM

    LOL cute indeed! Payton had the randomest molars too!

  1. Bethany
    10:47 AM

    PS...and these crazy canines she has coming in are razor sharp!

  1. mum2brady
    3:52 PM

    Awwww - sooo darling!!! Miss Mayson is just too cute for words!!!

  1. mom2noah
    8:24 PM

    Yippie, Mayson looks so cute with her toofers and glasses. Noah just got his top tooth two weeks ago along with two molars. I hope his are as cute as Mayson's

  1. jotcr2
    6:29 AM

    They are coming in nice and straight too. WTG Mayson.

  1. Chris
    7:54 AM

    She is starting to lose that baby look. Funny John's right molar came in early too. He got his two bottom, two top and then the molar. His front chompers look a lot like Mayson's.

    She is as cute as ever!