Many of you know Rebecca from reading her blog "Always Chaos". It was a blog I loved to read and keep up with every day. Rebecca was a wonderful writer and her pictures were beautiful on her blog. Unfortunately, life got too hectic and she closed her blog down. (She is the designer of my blog too!) Even though, she no longer blogs right now, her and I have stayed connected and have become great friends. Not only that but she moved back to Iowa and we were able to get together for the weekend! My hubby and son were at a wrestling retreat and Rylee was at a friends. So, Rebecca and Elainah came and we had a all girls night!!! We had a great time eating Mexican, drinking wine, talking, letting the girls play until midnight, shopping and just hanging out. I am so glad they came! We had a awesome time!! Now, if I could just get Rebecca blogging again, right???????

date Sunday, November 09, 2008

6 comments to “A great weekend..”

  1. Debra
    8:15 PM

    I am so green eyed.

    Glad you all had fun.

    Debra and Hope

  1. Michelle
    10:22 PM

    how wonderful the 4 of you were able to have a nice girls' weekend!

  1. Terri
    10:02 AM

    How fun. Adorable pics.

  1. McKenna
    5:40 PM

    {jealous!!!} Both of the girls are so cute...especially in their sleepers!! :)

  1. Carey
    1:20 AM

    I love their pix in the jammies! so cute!!!

  1. Anonymous
    10:16 AM


    I missed this one....

    xo r