Mayson amazes me somedays. The other day she decided to copy what her sister does...lil copy cat! I just had to video it.... just look at her balance!!! Can you tell I am proud? I know its minor to some but huge to us! She as also peed 3 times and pooped once on the potty for me!! Like I said, she AMAZES me!!!

date Monday, January 12, 2009

14 comments to “amazing me every day”

  1. Bethany
    9:25 PM

    OH MY GOD Amy, could that be any friggin cuter!! Holy crap, look at her! She goes from barely walking to this in such a short period of time! She is awesome, that was so friggin cute and look at her balance and holy crap I can't stop typing because that was so awesome and I totally understand how huge this is for you and quite possibly this is the longest run on sentence ever! YAY MAYSON!!!

  1. Melanie
    9:43 PM

    Super cute video!!
    I already gave in and gave Logan a bottle tonight before bed. I think we will keep that one for a while. He drank a little from a cup today. Baby steps...

  1. Isabella
    10:52 PM

    Absolutely Adorable!!

  1. RK
    11:33 PM

    Isn't having a little mimic around so darn fun!?! And what balance she has! Too adorable!

  1. JRS
    8:27 AM

    Impressive balance Miss Maymay.

  1. Christina
    9:38 AM

    She is SOOOO cute. And so attentative! Send her over please! (I meant May-may but R can come too :-) )

  1. Carey
    4:16 PM

    That is hilarious!!! She's so darned cute, and I am impressed too!!! Way to go Mayson!

  1. Becca
    8:20 PM

    Wow!!!! I thought just a few weeks ago you were saying that she could ride a bike, but wouldn't even walk. Now look at her go! Leaps and bounds, Amy. And way to go on the potty, Mayson!

  1. Little Miss E
    9:52 AM

    Wah, I wanna see the video!! Stupid One True Media!!

  1. All 4 My Gals
    10:41 PM

    That was precious!

  1. Mary
    8:26 PM

    Mayson is so cute! Leah has begun imitating and I can't get enough of it!

  1. jotcr2
    3:10 PM

    Ohhhhh isn't she cute, and what a good sister Mayson has too.

  1. Jeanette
    11:29 PM

    I loved this. So darn cute!!!!!

  1. Lisa
    12:01 PM

    That video is darling! She is so proud of she should be!