On one of my DS forums this thread was posted. I thought it was really interesting to hear other parents point of view on their childs "normal" I wanted to share Maysons "normals" too. Here is what I posted. Hopefully, it will help a parent with a newly diagnosed child or a parent just having a hard time.

Miss Mayson is going to be 3 on Feb 15th.. wow three... cant believe it!

She was born at 37 weeks and was diagnosed with Ds right after she was born..

She was a very healthy baby. Rolled over at 4 months, sat on her own at 7 months. She never crawled.. only scooted on her bottom. Finally walked a few months ago! That has taken much longer. She is a very cautious child. She is starting to get over her cautious stage as she is climbing up on our kitchen chairs now and walking a lot more.

Has always been a great eater and drinker. Still has a bottle at night but other than that she drinks from her sippy cup or straw cup. She doesn't seem to have any texture issues and eats or at least tries most things. She self feeds herself but usually ends up throwing her spoon and using her hands... some day she will use it!

Mayson was very slow at getting teeth. First tooth did not come in until she was 21 months. She now has about 15 teeth.

Mayson doesnt sign alot. She has about 10 signs. That's partially my fault but she always mimics many words and sounds and uses them instead. She has about 30 plus words.

Mayson is learning to match her colors. If asked "what color is this" she does not know but we are matching the right colors together.

She can count to three and recognizes that letters are letters. She does not know a "t" is a T etc but she will point to a letter on my sweatshirt and say"e" even though its not a E. (hope that made sense)

She is starting to learn animals and what sounds they make. she gets them mixed up except for pig and duck.. she knows those by heart.

Mayson is really into imaginary play now. She loves to play with her little doll house and her babies. She also will sit through a whole movie. The kid cannot get enough of Elmo or Dora. Elmo is the love of her life right now.

In the next few month Mayson will have eye surgery to correct her Esotropia in both eyes. She wears glasses and has worn them since she was 10 months old.

Amazingly enough, Mayson has peed and pooped on the potty for me. I am not training her yet because she has just learned the sign for potty and I dont think she really gets the whole concept. She does get that she has gone in the potty though and gets excited. She goes almost every time I sit her on it. Now, to figure out the next step so she processes it.

Mayson doesnt have issues with loud noises, large crowds, etc. I see that lot in our kids with DS. She has been to wrestling meets, sports events, music concerts etc, since she was born and I think its just natural to her!

Mayson has a long way to go, but she is getting there. she is sooo tiny.. barely 21 lbs and 31 inches long.. tiny for almost 3. but she amazes me everyday at what she achieves. I wish I could achieve as much as she does in a day. All your kids are amazing to me no matter what they can and cannot do. I love hearing about their achievements and what they can and cannot do. They are my inspirations!!!
Hugs!! amy

date Thursday, January 15, 2009

7 comments to “Maysons DS "normal"”

  1. Michelle
    9:43 PM

    What a nice summary of Miss Mayson's super achievements!

  1. Aunt Gigi
    6:30 AM

    She is such a blessing to our family!

  1. Mary
    8:30 PM

    Leah just weighed in at 20 lbs at her 2 year check up. I am really worried but her doc doesn't seem to be. After reading that your daughter weighs 21 lbs at almost 3 (and Peanut at Three Weddings weighing 22 lbs at 4), I've relaxed a bit. I guess it isn't so uncommon. Thanks for sharing your letter.

  1. Kim
    2:37 AM

    All sounds very 'normal' to me. In fact as I read that list much of it sounded just like Charlie!

  1. Jeanette
    11:31 PM

    I loved reading the "normals". You are right, it is so encouraging and relieving for new parents to ready these things.

  1. Ruby's Mom
    4:52 PM

    Thank you for sharing what your daughter can do.It is helpful to me as a mom of an infant with Ds.

  1. Anonymous
    8:09 AM

    You have a way of being such an encouragement to anyone who reads this. Mayson is doing more than some of the MB's are with the potty, so she is quicker. I think that is awesome that she will go to the potty and that she uses it when she is there. You are an inspiration to us all.