Friday after the kids were off to school and hubby was off to work, Mayson and I headed to my hometown for Grama Fleges Birthday bash. We had relatives from all over come and share and celebrate her 95th birthday! This lady is quite the gal. She still lives at home, drives, goes for coffee with her friends everyday, helps take care of her grandson and son, and is as ornery as hell! She is feisty, but look at her! She is amazing! My kids are so lucky to be able to get to know their Great Grama. Many of us don't get that chance.
We had a great day of eating lunch at her favorite Restaurant and then we went to her house to have cake and ice cream and just visit with relatives. It was over 80 that day... a perfect day for a perfect birthday! Happy Birthday Grama... We love you!

date Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 comments to “95 Years Young!”

  1. RK
    7:40 AM

    That IS a blessing for your family to have grandparents still around. She looks like a very cool lady! :)

    Happy Birthday Grama Flege!

  1. Melissa @ Banana Migraine
    6:42 PM

    Oh what a special day!!

  1. Perplexing Situation
    1:05 PM

    This is one of my favorite pictures lately. Like I said on FB, you can just see the love of her little face.

    Happy Birthday Grama, you look FANTASTIC!