This is what I have to watch while sitting in the rain every Saturday.... Its Rylee though, so its worth it!!! She has really progressed in her game this year! Go Ry!
(She is the one in the blue pants and blue shirt)

date Sunday, April 26, 2009

5 comments to “Soccer Saturday”

  1. Ruby's Mom
    10:58 PM

    I have the same kind of fun on Saturdays :)
    Way to go Rylee!!!!

  1. Stephanie
    5:55 PM

    Saturday is soccer day here too!
    Doesn't it make you so proud watching your kids do so well in sports! Love it!

  1. Don't Lick The Ferrets!
    8:54 AM

    Man, I wish we had been there...

  1. Don't Lick The Ferrets!
    9:01 AM

    Oh, and by the way! May May is also getting this hat to go along with her backpack! Even if she just wears it for ONE picture it will be worth it!! (I don't know if she is a hat girl or not, Em is SO not!)

    How frickin' cute is this???

  1. Perplexing Situation
    1:02 PM

    I'm not quite the soccer mom yet (I don't think the have a league for 7 month olds haha), but 3 cheers for Rylee. :-)