For only walking a few months she sure is getting more stable! Here she is dancing!!!

date Monday, April 13, 2009

6 comments to “Dancin MayMay”

  1. RK
    3:58 PM

    She's shakin' her groove thing!! Too cute!

  1. JRS
    8:54 PM

    "She can dance if she wants to. She can leave her cares behind..."

  1. Anonymous
    6:00 PM

    Oh I loved her little hips rollin'

  1. Tamara
    9:52 AM

    Too cute! And she really is stable on her feet. Amazing how you think they're never going to walk, then once they got it - they got it!

  1. Monica @ Monkey Musings
    11:52 AM

    Soooo cute! She's got the moves! Love the little hands moving, too.

  1. Maui Mama
    2:17 PM

    and she's got rhythm too! Sooo cute!