I went down to the hospital today to see Shelly. He hasn't eaten since Thursday....They brought up some Jello, juice, lemonade and chicken broth while I was there. It was the first time they offered anything for him to try and eat. He didn't want to do it. I think he was scared he was going to choke. I got him to try the broth and he didnt like that stuff at all.. I dont blame him---yuk! I did get him to eat all his Jello, and drink his juice and lemonade! wooohooo!! Then we ordered him and italian ice. He ate that too! He was so happy with himself! It didnt get stuck or make him throw up!
Later he tried a grilled cheese and tapioca pudding. That all worked as well so he got to go home!! I am so thrilled! I pray this stint is the answer to his eating issues!!! He so needs this to work!! Now, if we can get him to chew smaller bites and take his meds!!!!
Thanks for all your prayers!!!

date Monday, May 11, 2009

5 comments to “He is home~!~!”

  1. My name is Sarah
    8:26 PM

    Glad things are better.

  1. christina
    1:04 AM

    so pleased shelly is feeling better.xxx

  1. Tamara
    6:53 AM

    That's awesome news, Amy!

  1. Melissa @ Banana Migraine
    9:41 AM

    Yay! Wonderful news!!

  1. Perplexing Situation
    6:07 AM

    Fantastic news! Thanks for keeping us updated.