Yup, its that time of year again. Seems like I just posted about our summer starting and now its already come to and end. Soccer has started, the pollen is flying in the air, Jayden is antsy for wrestling to start. The time has come. Jayden is a freshman this year. Hard to believe he is that old already. He is going to the 9th grade academy this year, so he seems to be really excited. He is also pumped about this years wrestling season.
Rylee is going into 6th grade. She is starting to become my sassy one. You know, the pre-teen stuff....its so lovely! Soccer has already begun which means our weekends are shot. Piano starts back up in two weeks too.
Miss Mayson has her open house at preschool tonite. She will be going Mon and Wed from 9-12 in an integrated preschool. I think she will love it!!!!
I am actually NOT missing my kids today. It was time for them to go back. Seriously!!
Does that make me a mean mom???????

date Thursday, August 20, 2009

5 comments to “First Day of School 2009”

  1. CJ
    3:17 PM

    No, you aren't a mean mom and I can't believe they already started! Lucky you!! Good luck, kids!

  1. Cathy
    6:14 PM

    Your kids are great!
    It’s so strange that you all start school halfway through the year lol
    We go from Feb to Dec..

    Hey dont your children wear a uniform? Our kids have to they are in public system, it’s a basic uniform compared to the private schools but still has to be worm. Our school lets the high school kids wear their own hats though lol.

  1. amy flege
    7:50 PM

    Hi Cathy, our school goes from end of August through May here. Then our kids have the summer off. We dont wear uniforms here unless its required at private schools. My kids go to public and they do not require i!!!

  1. Perplexing Situation
    10:36 PM

    not mean at all! Marissa goes to daycare 2 times a week & even though I work during that time I do enjoy that peaceful, no noises in the house, time right before she comes home on the van..

  1. Cathy
    9:27 PM

    thanks for letting me know.
    we shoudl have 6mths off over summer / Christmas with 45 degree heat we need it. but it coudl be more, somedays school closes if it's to hot.