My girl is really trying hard to talk. Our key is not quantity but quality! She's got this word down for sure!!

date Sunday, August 23, 2009

6 comments to “Saying Shoe...”

  1. Cathy
    9:38 PM

    Her little voice is so cute, I could listen to her all day. Off to hear her again :-)

  1. Kim
    10:24 PM

    Her voice is so cute, and she definitely has that down!

  1. Erin
    8:44 AM

    Yeah Mason! That's awesome!

  1. Ria
    12:08 PM

    so cute!! That's really clear. Is that her first word?

  1. amy flege
    12:30 PM

    Ria, she has several words. This one I just happen to catch on tape!!!

  1. Monica Crumley
    12:49 AM

    That's awesome. Her speech was so clear! Great job, Mayson.